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About Brad

Hi there! Welcome to my photography site. I am a self-taught cityscape and landscape photographer based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania specializing in, and exploring the art of Digital Blending and HDR Photography. Upon discovering High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography in 2009, I was immediately drawn to the rich colors and deep contrast. Having always been somewhat interested in photography, seeing HDR actually made me want to pursue it. I spent a great deal of time researching digital photography, equipment, and HDR. With high expectations and a limited budget, I purchased the entry level Nikon D60 as my first serious camera to learn on. While my photography style has transformed over the years, my passion for photography continues to increase.

Photography was around me regularly growing up. My Grandfather was an avid photographer and his devotion was passed down to my Dad, which eventually ignited my interest in it as well. Outside of photography, I have a loving and supporting wife and daughter, along with a great professional career which doesn't allow me to devote as much time to photography as I would like.

In August of 2010, I was featured in Pittsburgh Magazine's 2010-2011 City Guide; photographing the article titled, "A Tale of Three Rivers." Thirteen of my photographs were published for the article, including a cover shot. In May of 2011, I was awarded the Feature Photography category at the 47th Annual Golden Quill Awards for my work with Pittsburgh Magazine. View the gallery here.

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